Memories of Phyllis

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  1. Doris J. State says:

    I was at Phyllis’s memorial when Eric read this and I’m very happy this was online. I had forgotten that for years I used to take notes at every concert, which I still have. Some people thought I was a reviewer. If you want to know what Patrick Sky wore and/or what fret his capo was on for so and so a song, I could tell you. I don’t remember you being that young – Phyllis was 19 and I was 20 when we met, but I seem to remember Debbie Heilner being on Izzy Young’s WBAI radio show at – I thought – age 16, an unplayable tape in my collection, no doubt. And I had totally forgotten that rainy year at the Philly Folk Fest – the car was too full, so I chose to TRY TO sleep on the wet ground between cars. Not a smart thing to do.
    Phyllis and I were the biggest influences on each other, though we probably weren’t that aware of it. I knew of Phyllis before I met her because a friend, Ava, said she just met a girl at the elevator of the building Phyllis had just moved into and the girl was into Phil Ochs. I was with Phyllis when she adopted her first 2 kittens at Bide A Wee. I remember us skipping down 12th Street & 6th Avenue, proclaiming our love for Dave Bromberg as we were naturally high after just seeing him perform. Luckily (for me) I was not around during her incredible medical emergencies. We’d have our “we’re friends” and “we’re not speaking to each other” periods, but better than a married couple who would divorce and never see each other again, we’d always get back together. The mind boggles as to what roads we would have taken had Phyllis and I not met each other. I’ve been somewhat obsessed about her since her death. Friends since May 3, 1969, Pete Seeger’s 50th birthday. Eric gave me her Pete Seeger records which mean a great deal to me. Much more I could say, but I’ll stop here. Phyllis was a very strong, positive being to all and we are blessed to have had her in our lives. And she still is there.

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