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In 1988 Deborah Holland was literally (yes, correct usage of that word) plucked from obscurity to be the lead singer and songwriter for a new band Stewart Copeland (drummer god of The Police) and Stanley Clarke (jazz bass god) were forming. Two weeks after auditioning for the band in a pink thrift-store dress and cowboy boots (Deborah was on her way to a gig with a duo called Twang with Richard Goldman) she found herself singing to a whole lot of people in Brazil (the numbers seems to get bigger each time but suffice it to say it was an exponentially larger crowd than the late set at Madame Wong’s on a Wednesday night), The band, Animal Logic, recorded 2 “critically-acclaimed” (whatever that means, usually that it good some good reviews but didn’t sell that well) ) albums, ANIMAL LOGIC (3 dalmatians on the cover, often referred to as Animal Logic 1) and ANIMAL LOGIC (3 polar bears on the cover, often referred to as Animal Logic 2). The band toured the opposite of extensively and if you saw the band live there aren’t a whole lot of you. AL did record 2 videos, one for “(There’s a) Spy in the House of Love” (where if you blink you can see drummer/percussionist Danny Frankel playing a nefarious-looking Eastern-bloc spy kinda guy) and one for “Rose Colored Glasses” where we attempt to do a Motown-style dance. Yes it’s true that Stewart and Stanley did hire a male stripper before the shooting of “Spy” to “loosen her up” (it had the opposite effect). Yes Deborah has many other stories most of which she will never tell (though you never know). Highlights of her stint with AL were performances on the David Letterman show the night the Berlin Wall came down (aired around 3 am so hardly anyone saw it) and The Tonight Show with Johnny! The highlight of that highlight was Johnny tapped his pencil while the band played. The Tonight Show was also delayed because it was the night Magic Johnson announced he had AIDS. Go figure.

After AL Deborah went on to have a so-called solo career and recorded FREUDIAN SLIP, THE PANIC IS ON, THE BOOK OF SURVIVAL and BAD GIRL ONCE (SOCCER MOM NOW). There’s stuff about that period of her life too but nothing as good as a male stripper. She did have a couple of kids but lots of other people did that too. Deborah also managed to become a tenured “full” Professor of Music at Cal State, Los Angeles.

In 2007 Deborah got sick of flying 3000 miles, renting a car, driving to gigs, back to the hotel etc. by herself so she and Cidny Bullens and Wendy Waldman formed a “folk super-group” (yup that’s what it was called) The Refugees recorded 2 amazing albums, UNBOUND and THREE which truly were critically-acclaimed in the folk world. The 3 of them would fly 3000 miles, rent a car, drive to the gig, back to the hotel etc., but with a lot more gear. Deborah began playing bass and accordion in the band and can now add bass playing and accordion playing to her list of accomplishments. The Refugees turned out to be Deborah’s lifeboat to sanity, laughter, wonderful harmonies, co-writing, and piss-in-your-pants stage “bits.” The Refugees are currently on touring hiatus but will be recording soon and if anyone offers them enough money they will get on a plane, fly 3000 miles, etc.

In the summer of 2010 Deborah relocated from Los Angeles to Vancouver BC. There’s lots to say about this but it will all be revealed on her new solo CD, VANCOUVER, which will be released in June, 2013.