Film & TV

Scores for Film and Television
* VIP, Fox TV, 1998-1999. Additional Music Composer, 8 Episodes. * Out There, Showtime, 1995. Composer. * Venus Rising, IRS Media, 1995. Composer. * December, IRS Media, 1991. Composer. * Genuine Risk (including theme song), IRS Media, 1990. Composer. * Circuitry Man (including four original songs), Skouras Pictures, 1989. Composer.
Songs for Film and Television
* Nothing Lasts Forever in Longmire, A&E Television, 2013. Singer, Songwriter. * Nothing Lasts Forever in Keeping Up with the Khardasians, 2012. Singer, Songwriter. * Another Night Alone in Glory Daze, TBS Television, 2011. Singer, Songwriter. * Nothing Lasts Forever in Access Hollywood, 2010. Singer, Songwriter. * Sure Fire Lover in CSI (Consequences), CBS TV, 2008. Songwriter. * I See You Everywhere in The Memory Keeper's Daughter, Lifetime TV, 2008. Singer, Songwriter. * Sure Fire Lover in My Name is Earl, NBC TV, 2006. Songwriter. * Sure Fire Lover in Lonesome Jim, Plum Pictures, 2005. * Hadeya in The Redeemer, USA Films, 2002. Singer, Songwriter. * F-U-N, The One That You Need in V.I.P. Fox TV, 2001. Singer, Songwriter. * I'll Cry Tonight, The Good Things, I See You Everywhere, in The Young and the Restless Episodes, ABC TV, 1999-2000. Singer, Songwriter. * Getting Closer, in V.I.P. Fox TV, 1999. Singer, Songwriter. * Another Night Alone in Kiss of a Stranger, Regency Entertainment, 1998. Singer, Songwriter. * 20/20 Vision in Talk To Me, ABC, 1996. Singer, Songwriter. * I Fall To Pieces in Peter Benchley's The Beast, NBC, 1996. Singer. * 20/20 Vision and My Favorite Joe in Just Looking, Propaganda Films, 1995. Singer, Songwriter. * Miscellaneous Cues in The Yarn Princess, ABC, 1995. Singer. * If I Could Walk Away in Circuitry Man II, IRS Media, 1994. Singer, Songwriter. * Veil Of Tears in Woman On the Run: The Bambi Bembenek Story, NBC, 1993. Singer, Songwriter. * I Can't Stop Crying in One False Move, IRS Media, 1992. Singer, Songwriter. * For One Moment in Afterburn, HBO, 1990. Singer, Songwriter. * In The Garden in Warren Miller's Born To Ski, New Line, 1991. Singer, Songwriter. * You Baby in Little Sister, 20th Century Fox, 1991. Singer, Songwriter. * Spy In The House Of Love in Guilty As Charged, IRS Media, 1991. Singer, Songwriter. * The Right Place in Ski School, The Movie Group, 1991. Singer, Songwriter. * Heaven's A Place in Highlander II, 20th Century Fox, 1991. Singer, Songwriter. * Main Title Theme in Belles of Bleeker Street, Stephen Cannell/ABC, 1991. Singer, Songwriter. * Love Addiction, He's Changed, Perfect Love in Midnight Caller Episodes, NBC, 1990. Singer, Songwriter. * Come To The Night in Knightwatch, ABC, 1989. Songwriter. * Come To Me in Frightnight II, New Line, 1988. Singer.